Music For Young Children

We are delighted to announce that we are offering Music For Young Children Program once again in September of 2017. 


We will be offering the Sunrise, Sunshine1, Sunshine 2,  Sunbeams 1, Sunbeams 2, and Sunbeams 3 classes. 

In MYC, children meet in small groups, in their own age category, once a week for an hour, accompanied by an adult (parent, grandparent or caregiver). MYC is a piano-based music program that also includes singing, rhythm ensembles, sight reading, ear training, theory and composition.

Typical Class includes:






Materials Include:



Tuition- $150 per Block (includes materials)


Sunshine 1

Material Include: 


Tuition: $650/year


Sunbeams 1

Material Include: 




Tuition: $650/year


Class Times Available for 2018-2019


9:00 am Sunrise Class

10:00 Sunshine 1 Class

11:00 Sunshine 2 Class

12:00 Sunbeam 2 Class

1:00 Sunbeam 1 class


5:45 Sunbeams 3 Class


4:30 Sunshine 2 Class

Updated September 24, 2018, 9:42 am