Private Lessons

At Dynamic Sounds we offer private lessons in Singing, Piano, Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Brass and Theory.

All lessons are private one on one instruction with our teachers. Each student will have lessons based on what goals they set for themselves and what they want to achieve. Some choose to follow a program such as Royal Conservatory, or Conservatory Canada, and do exams, while other take a more relaxed approach to their lessons. 

There are always 2 recitals a year in which students are given the opportunity to perform without any pressure of competition. These will take place in December and in  late May, or early June.

Our students are also given the opportunity to perform in the Kiwanis Music Festival with occurs in Feburary of each year.  


The cost for lessons yearly are:

$1000 for a half hour lesson once a week  from September-June 

$1500 for a forty five minute lesson once a week form September -June 

$2000 for a one hour lesson once a week from September -June

Payable in equal monthly installments throughout the year. We accept visa, Mastercard and post dated cheques as forms of payment.

Updated May 16, 2018, 1:24 pm